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dłuższy i grubszy

Longer and thicker penis

Thanks to unique formula, PeniSizeXL enhances release of nitric oxide to nerve endings near corpora cavernosa. Hence, the amount of blood that flows through the penis, as well as its speed, are increased, what widens and enlarges it.

silniejsza erekcja

Stronger erection

PeniSizeXL recipe has been enriched with ingredients preventing sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Thanks to that, you can be sure that you will surprise your partner not only with the size, but also long, amazing intercourse.

intensywniejsze orgazmy

Intense orgasms

By using PeniSizeXL and regaining sense of masculinity you provide amazing orgasms not only for you, but also to your partner. Thanks to PeniSizeXL, penetration will be deeper and more thorough, ensuring intense orgasms and unforgettable experiences to both of you.


Did you know?

In 2015 women’s portals conducted a survey among their users. The survey’s results were surprising. Up to 87% of women admit that the size of their partner’s penis is the reason of their lack of full satisfaction during intercourse, whereas only 39.6% find the size appropriate.

Are you sure that size of your penis entirely satisfies your partner?

A symbol of virility and strength

Since always, all the civilisations venerated male sex organs. The penis was usually depicted in unnaturally large sizes, what for centuries has been shaping the belief that its size indicated strength and fitness. Today women expect from men a size that will provide them unique experiences, whereas men try to meet those expectations.

Sex is healthy, stimulates the immune system, the endocrine system, promotes mental health, although it meets the need of closeness, belonging and bonds relationship in the first place. Lack of satisfaction with sex, avoiding it, suppression and denial of sexual needs, usually leads to irritability, nervousness and aggression. Sometimes can be the cause of psychosomatic diseases and psychiatric disorders. It often ends with the collapse of the relationship.

If you feel that lack of satisfaction slowly spoils your relationship, choose PeniSizeXL and ensure your partner unbelievable orgasms!

Who is PeniSizeXL for?

  • For men that are not satisfied with their penis size
  • For men in a stable relationship who want to deal with routine
  • For daring men, who know how to satisfy their partners
  • For men, for whom sex is an adventure, hence they expect extreme sensations!

PeniSizeXL is a unique formula of carefully selected ingredients, which thanks to experience and commitment of a qualified team of experts positively affects penis size and quality of sexual intercourse in general.

Thanks to these compounds you will enlarge our penis and improve your sexual performance:


Tribulus Terrestris – facilitate the release of nitric oxide to the nerve endings near the corpora cavernosa of the penis causing them to stretch and enlarge. Moreover, it stimulates spermatogenesis and increases the level of free testosterone in the blood. Increases the sexual ability.


Ginseng - increases libido and helps in erectile dysfunction. Ginsenosides contained in the ginseng increase the release of nitric oxide in the body, therefore supporting relaxation of blood vessels, causing increased blood flow to the penis.


Maca root - increases the sex drive in men and helps to achieve erection. Improves sperm production and its motility. It is a rich source of protein, and also provides the body with essential amino acids, including arginine, which is responsible, among others, for blood flow to the male sex organs.


Damiana Leaf – improves sexual performance, increases libido, prolongs and strengthens erection.


Saw palmetto - boosts libido. Supports sexual functions and protects testosterone against dihydrotestosterone. Prevents problems with prostate.


Zinc - greatly improves potency and increases libido. It helps maintain the proper level of testosterone in the blood allowing you to have better control over ejaculation. It increases sperm production and enhances sensations during orgasms. Impotence is often caused by the deficiency of this element.


Selenium - this powerful antioxidant is very good for the erection and protects the body against ageing, making you sexually vigorous longer. Selenium boosts sex drive. It affects the quality of the produced sperm (it affects sperm motility).


L-leucine - an amino acid well known to active people. Leucine improves stamina, vitality and regeneration. Thanks to the ingredient, after even a night full of sex, you will be quickly ready to go again.


Liquorice - takes care of the proper functioning of the endocrine system. It perfectly relaxes and unwinds, and as you know, relaxation is important for successful sex.

Surprise her with your penis size!

Prolong and reinforce experiences during intercourse!

The specialists recommend PeniSizeXL as a perfect diet supplement for men, who due to enlargement of their penis size improve quality of their and their partner’s sexual intercourse in general. The experts confirm effectiveness and safety of usage.

„Sexual performance and penis size have become a determinant of successful relations with women. Large penis is a guarantee of partner’s satisfaction, therefore men with outstanding penis size are more self-confident as lovers. PeniSizeXL formula, according to conducted research, help attain up to 3" longer penis, prolongs and reinforces erection, improving sex quality for both partners. Apart from that, contrary to surgery, pumps and extenders, it’s a non-invasive method of enlarging penis.”

Satisfied clients testimonials

For some, the problem may seem trifling, but I\’ve always claimed that a person 5'7" tall will never understand problems of shorter people. I wasn’t able to overcome fear that I won’t meet my partner’s expectations, therefore every time when my relationship with a women advanced, I became uptight. I didn’t want to humiliate myself, because although many women claim that the size doesn’t matter, in fact their expectations of newly met guys are totally different. I tried PeniSizeXL and I believe that it was a good choice. Never again I’ll consider myself ordinary. Not only my partner, but also my confidence, which rose with my penis, took advantage from it.

Trusted Opinion

At my age, after so many years with one woman, I was reluctant to any penis-enlargement craziness. However, when my sexual abilities started to gradually decline and it turned out that not each intercourse can be performed, I felt that I was letting her down. My wife didn’t let me feel that, but I couldn’t let our erotic life slowly die because of me. I had read that PeniSizeXL will allow me to get rid of erectile dysfunction. So, I decided to give it a shot. Now, after 5 weeks I can say that our sexual life is more fulfilling than 20 years ago. How? We know each other’s bodies and can communicate without words, and we know how to meet each other’s needs. PeniSizeXL provided me with energy of a teenager. And the size? Well, my wife has also started to act as a schoolgirl. That’s supposedly the best confirmation of effectiveness of PeniSizeXL, isn’t it?

Trusted Opinion

Last holidays, while I was walking along a beach with my girlfriend I pointed out a lifeguard and made a joke: “look at his muscles, you’d like to touch them, wouldn’t you?” Surprisingly she responded: “you better look at his stuffed shorts”, and she giggled. Although those were just jokes, the made me thinking, because I wasn’t aware that even my girlfriend pay attention to penis size. My penis is rather within the normal range, but I thought that I would conduct an experiment and decided to try PeniSizeXL. I didn’t have to wait long for my girlfriend’s reaction. After no more than 3 weeks she noticed a difference. No surprise, it was hard to oversee. She got crazy about my new size.

Trusted Opinion

I searched through almost whole Internet in order to find a method to carefully, without offending my husband, suggest him decision of penis enlargement. Unfortunately, after two natural births his penis couldn’t satisfy me anymore. I know that I couldn’t blame him for that, but I wasn’t aware of any other solution to that problem. Once I didn’t manage to close PeniSizeXL webpage on time, when my husband entered the room. We had a long conversation and together decided to order the pills. The treatment gave unexpected effects, because apart from bigger size, my husband was also more eager about sex, and the intercourses were significantly longer than before. We both recommend PeniSizeXL.

Trusted Opinion

Some time ago I wanted to know my wife’s opinion about penis enlargement. She told me that I’m a lunatic, size doesn’t matter but our relationship and commitment during intercourse. I didn’t want to do that behind her back, but I decided to give it a try. I had been planning to admit using PeniSizeXL after the end of treatment, but it was impossible to hide that from her. Immediately she sensed my enhanced energy and desire. I believe that such experiments are perfect when you fight routine. In our relationship, we managed to feel freshness again and I have an impression that we’re getting to know each other anew.

Trusted Opinion

Guys seldom talk about their complexes. In front of a woman it’s also inappropriate to disclose your weaknesses. I had an impression that no one can actually help me. I went to sexologist, who after profound analysis of my problem, which turned out to be a complex of small penis, advised me to try PeniSizeXL. Luckily, I was able to order the pills online, because I don’t know, if I would find courage to make it in a pharmacy. After two days I received discreet package and started to apply the preparation. It was 6 weeks ago. My penis finally has a size that I don’t need to be ashamed of! And I was never as active as now, if you know what I mean :)

Trusted Opinion

My erection problems started just after the accident. I had a slight backbone injury and a leg fixed for a few weeks. Following weeks were spent on rehabilitation and regaining good shape. Unfortunately, suffered injuries permanently impaired my fitness. Plenty of things are no longer available to me, including bedroom “activities”. Apart from that, I began suffering from erectile dysfunction. At first, I started to become distant to my partner, but later I realised that it can’t go on forever. After all, we’re still young. I was afraid, that she’ll leave me soon. I bought PeniSizeXL to regain sexual shape. I thought that a bigger penis will compensate my partner that I’m no longer as spontaneous as before. I was right. We discovered an entirely new world of experiences.

Trusted Opinion

For several years my marriage is just a formality. We’re together supposedly only because of kids. Therefore I had no remorse, when a particular intern in our company started favourable reacting to my flirt. The problem was, she was almost half as young as I was and I was afraid that I won’t meet the needs of such a young and attractive girl. I was afraid of rejection and humiliating myself. I started going to the gym and wear more fashionable clothes! I wanted to take care not only of my appearance, but also shape. Here I received some help from PeniSizeXL. I now it’s immoral, but at home I have stability and safety, whereas with Martha freshness and spontaneity. Apart from that, my wife, noticing how I had changed, started to feel attracted to me again. I didn’t expect such a situation at my age, and everything because of PeniSizeXL.

Trusted Opinion

Thousands of men around the world have enlarged theirs manhood

PeniSizeXL is a solution:

  • Without visiting doctor and leaving your home
  • Safe
  • Discreet and trusted!
  • Based on natural ingredients


Is our priority. We put a great deal of effort to provide the best quality of our product. We composed it only with natural ingredients that will help you achieve the goal you have been dreaming of.


1. What is PeniSizeXL?

PeniSizeXL is a reliable diet supplement that will allow you to prolong and thicken your penis and improve your sexual performance.

2. Is PeniSizeXL safe?

PeniSizeXL is an entirely safe formula composed solely of natural compounds. The supplement invoke no side effects and has both a full documentation that ensures safety of usage and recommendation of many people from the medical community.

3. What is the composition of PeniSizeXL?

L-arginine, ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng), gelatine, saw palmetto fruit extract (Serenoa repens), Damiana leaf extract (Turnera diffusa), liquorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra), zinc gluconate Tribulus terrestris fruit extract (Tribulus terrestris), maca root extract (Lepidium meyenii), L-leucine, sodium selenate.

4. How do I dose PeniSizeXL?

PeniSizeXL should be applied 2 times a day, 1 capsule. The first one should be taken about 20 minutes before breakfast. The second one – 30-40 minutes before intercourse. If no sexual activity is about to occur in a particular day, the second pill should be taken about 20 minutes before meal. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.

5. How much does one package last?

One package contains 60 pills that are to be taken within a month.

6. When do I see first effects?

Thanks to the ingredients that reinforce and prolong erection, first effects will appear after the first pill, whereas first effects of penis enlargement will be noticeable after about 2-3 weeks of regular application in accordance with usage recommendations.

7. Can I drink alcohol during treatment?

Yes. PeniSizeXL does not interact with alcohol. Remember though that alcohol affects badly your body and can waken treatment effects as well as impair quality of your sexual life.

8. How long do I wait for the package?

Orders are fulfilled within 1-2 workdays. The parcel will be shipped by a delivery company, post or parcelstation in a little, discreet package.

9. Can I pay for PeniSizeXL when I receive the package?

COD orders are executed only within the boundaries of the country. In case of foreign orders it is mandatory to pay by card.

10. Is foreign shipment possible?

Certainly. In case of foreign orders payment in advance is mandatory.

11. Can anyone find out that I use PeniSizeXL?

We put a great deal of effort to protect our clients’ privacy. Our products are packed in ordinary boxes and shipped directly under the indicated address. Hence, there is no possibility for someone improper to find out what you have bought. We provide order collection by parcelstation, you decide when you will pick up the package, without intermediaries.

Check if PeniSizeXL is for you! Fill in the form and find out if our product meets your expectations

Penis up to 3" longer
Stronger erections
Greater control over ejaculation
More intense orgasms
Increased libido

Pornstar size!

Enlarge your penis today!
Without surgery, pumps or extenders!

Tell us what are your expectations and we will prepare an individual treatment plan that will provide you with the best results!
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2. What do you want
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